Heated Cat House Outdoor

Cats that live outdoors – or even kitties who spend a lot of time outside – often struggle to find a warm and safe place to sleep. A specifically designed heated cat house for outdoors can provide a superb, snuggly and safe retreat.

The Best Outdoor Heated Cat House by BestHeatedCatBed.com

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Best Heated Cat Bed Outdoor

This heated, outside cat house is an ideal choice for outdoor cat owners – and those providing care for feral or stray cats. The cat house features a heated cat bed (using a 20-watt element that is certified by MET Labs), two entrances (with removable plastic flaps) and weather-resistant materials. Buy it Now!

Outdoor Heated Cat Shelter for Multiple Cats

An excellent option for multiple cats, this A-Frame Outdoor Heated Cat Shelter can accommodate up to four cats. The heated cat bed keeps the house warm and the style makes it easy to keep clean. And, while it is a great heated cat house for winter, the heated bed can be removed so outdoor cats have a safe place to sleep in the summertime, too. Buy it Now!

Heated Cat Houses for Outside

This cute heated cat house for outside is designed to look like a charming cottage. The heated pet bed will keep kitties cozy inside; the 13-foot-long cord is chew-proof and it comes with an adjustable timer. While the material is water-resistant, this house is best used under cover – such as a covered porch, garage or barn. Buy it Now!

Outdoor Heated Pet Bed

With a modern igloo-style design, this heated outdoor cat bed has a big enough interior for a large kitty. The zippers make it simple to put it together and the pressure-sensitive heating pad creates a cozy, warm cat bed for outdoors. Buy it Now!

Outdoor Cat House Heaters & Accessories

Do you already have a shelter, but just want your cat house heated? A Cat House Heating Pad might be all you need! Jump over to our Cat Heating Pads Page.

Heated Water and Food Bowl

In frigid temperatures, it can be difficult to keep your outdoor pets’ water and food from freezing. A heated water and food bowl is the perfect solution! The Thermo-Kitty Café is specifically designed for outdoor use. With removable stainless-steel bowls, it is easy to clean. Buy it Now!

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Best Outdoor Heated Cat House by BestHeatedCatBed.com