Cozy Heated Cat Bed

Cats love to be cozy – and a Heated Cat Bed is the purrr-fect way to keep them warm. Treat your cat to pure bliss and let them curl up in a cozy, warm cat bed.

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Why You Need a Cat Heated Bed

Cats naturally gravitate toward warm sunlight. Not only does the heat make them feel warm and secure, but the warmth provided by sunshine (or a heated pet bed!) can help to regulate a cat’s body temperature. While sleeping, their body temperature drops; the sun – or a cat bed that’s heated – can help maintain their body temp and help them to conserve energy.

Indoor cats and cats living in cooler climates may struggle to stay snuggled. With limited sunlight, a cat bed warmer will keep them cozy.

How Much Are Heated Cat Beds?

Cat beds with heaters don’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, we have found that heated cat beds are surprisingly affordable – even the best beds cost less than $50 USD. There are different styles – Indoor, Outdoor and Blanket pads – and even self-warming cat beds for just a little extra coziness. Prices of the best heated cat beds vary by style and quality.

What is the Best Heated Cat Bed?

The best heated cat beds will keep your kitty snug and comfy. The premier models have excellent features, like activated heating controls and removeable covers. Because your kitty deserves the best, we have rounded up the elite (and most raved about!) heated cat beds to help you make your decision.

Featured Cat Beds with Heater

Based on pet owner reviews, price and features, we are highlighting the best cat bed for each style. For more choices, you can check out other top products on our specific cat bed pages.


With enthusiastic praise, the indoor Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Beds rank as the best of the best. Available in two sizes (16 or 18 inches) and two neutral colors (sage and mocha), the bed features a soft pillow encircled by foam walls entirely covered in fleece. The heating element is a dual thermostat 4-watt cat bed warmer that continually warms the bed to about 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the air temperature.

The best feature, however, is that when your cat climbs into the bed, the heater will automatically adjust to keep your kitty’s body at an ideal temperature. Because of the low wattage and automatic adjustments, the bed can be left on all day and night.

Pro Tip: The electrical element meets MET Labs Safety Standards for the United States and Canada.

In the summertime or whenever it is too warm for the heater, the heating element can simply be removed…but your cat will still be able to nestle into its favorite bed!

When the heated cat bed needs cleaned, it’s a cinch! Simply unzip the outer cover and toss it in the washing machine. Buy It Now!

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This superb Outdoor Heated Cat House is ideal for outdoor cats, barn cats and feral cats. Constructed of weather-resistant materials, these heated outdoor cat beds can keep kitties warm all winter long.

The cat house heater is a 20-watt heated cat pad, which has an automatic internal thermostat to keep the house temperature regulated.

Pro Tip: These outdoor heating pads for cats meet MET Labs safety standards for the US and Canada.

Additionally, the heated outdoor cat shelter is designed with two entrances – so the kitties will never feel trapped. The house also comes with two removeable plastic flaps that can cover the openings in colder weather.

The heated outdoor kitty house is big enough for a large cat or a couple of smaller felines. The electrical cord is 5.5 feet long; the heated cat bed house can be conveniently placed on a porch or in a garage. Get It Today!

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If your cat already has a bed that they love, then a Heating Pad for Cats may be all you need! This cat warming pad can be placed on the floor or over an existing bed. It is useful for baby kittens and aging felines – or when your cat is on the mend from a surgery.

These Heating Pads for Cats feature an adjustable heat control – with a built-in timer! You can select the optimal heat level for your pet (ranging from 86 degrees Fahrenheit up to 131F) – and decide if you want to always keep it on or set a timer for 4, 8, 12 or 24 hours.

Pro Tip: The pet warming pad features enhanced safety features – and have been certified by MET Labs – to ensure they are safe to use in your home.

Not only is the heating pad waterproof (in case of spills or potty accidents), but the cord is chew resistant. The zip-off cover is easy to clean, too. Purchase it Now!

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There are outdoor heating pads for cats, too! If you already have a shelter for your outdoor pet and just need to add a little warmth, then this outdoor cat heating pad might be the best solution.

The heated pad can be added to an existing cat house to create a toasty warm outdoor heated cat bed or simply spread on the porch or garage floor to provide a cozy atmosphere for your kitty.

 This small Outdoor Pet Heating Pad is a soft foam mat with a fleece cover. Just like the Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed, this outdoor ped heated pad adjusts its temperature automatically to best suit your pet.

Pro Tip: These outdoor heating pads for cats have been tested and certified with MET labs for safety!

The cord extends a length of 5.5 feet and is wrapped in steel for safety. The fleece cover can be removed and washed in a washing machine. Buy it Now!

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More Heated Cat Beds Options

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