Outdoor Cat Heating Pads & Indoor Heated Cat Blanket

Cat Heating Pads may provide just enough warmth to keep your kitty toasty warm. Heated cat blankets are specifically designed to be used either indoors or outdoors and they come in a variety of styles with many different features.

Benefits of a Cat Heating Pad

Keeping your cat warm and comfortable is a top priority – and a cat heated pad might be the best way to do it! One of the many benefits of an electric blanket for cats is that it can be used in any room in your house and you can also get a specially designed outdoor heated blanket for cats, too.

The best cat heating pad blankets are beneficial for cats who can’t stay warm on their own. A cat heated blanket can provide warmth to older cats, soothing relief to arthritic or injured cats and comfort to baby kittens.

Types of Pet Heating Pads for Cats

There isn’t just one type of pet heating pad to choose from for your feline friend – and choosing the right cat heating blanket is essential. While there are many options, the two most common types are a weight activated pet heating pad and a manually operated cat heat pad. Another way to keep your cat warm is with a non-electrical small heat pad for pets.

Pressure Activated Heating Pad for Cats

A pressure activated pet heating pad is ideal for many cat owners, as a pressure sensitive heating pad only warms up when your kitty is on it. A weight activated heating pad is a good choice for owners who may be away from home often.

Manually Adjusted Heat Pad for Cats

While a pressure sensitive pet heating pad is great for some cats, some owners prefer a warming pad for cats that is adjusted manually and only turns on when plugged in or with a control panel.

Non-Electrical Heated Pad for Cats

Heated pet pads without electricity are warmed in the microwave. The cat heat pads are then placed on a chair, on the floor or in a bed so the cat can stay warm.

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The Best Cat Heating Pads and Blankets

We are featuring a few of the best heat pads for cats – including manual cat warming blankets, pressure activated heating pads for pets, non-electrical heat pad cat warmers and the best outdoor cat heating pad options, too.

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Best Heated Cat Mat – Manual

These are a few of the top picks for the best cat and animal warming blanket that is manually adjusted for the right temperature setting.

Cat Bed Heating Pad

Highly rated by fellow owners, this soft cat bed heater pad has an adjustable temperature and provides subtle warmth. The waterproof cat heating pad has a chew-resistant cord and can be placed over an existing bed or directly on the floor. The outer fleece cover is removeable and easy to wash, too. Buy it Now!

Indoor Cat Electric Blanket

This fast-heating electric blanket pad has 6 temperature settings and will warm up to the set temperature quickly – plus it has a timer for auto shut off. The heating element has safety settings (a seven layer protective safety structure) and anti-chew cord. A heated blanket for cats is a great way to keep your kitty warm as needed in the cooler months – and this warming blanket for cats comes with an ultra-soft, machine washable cover and a waterproof pad. Get it Now!

Heated Blanket for Cats

A larger warming blanket for cats is a great option for owners who have multiple pets, but it also works great as a heating pad for cats with arthritis. Because it is a larger warming blanket for cats, elderly felines with joint pain can easily get comfortable. This cat heating pad for indoors has multiple temperature settings, safety technology and comes at an affordable price. Purchase today!

Best Pressure Sensitive Cat Heating Pad Options

Pet owners looking for a pressure activated cat heating pad should check out these highly rated options!

Cat Pet Heating Pad Pressure Sensitive

Cat heating pads that are pressure sensitive are optimal for owners who want to leave the blanket on all the time. Using only 6 watts, the heater always provides a little bit of warmth.

However, when your kitty crawls onto the pressure sensitive cat heating pad, the temperature will automatically increase – making it the best heating pad for cats who are left alone during the daytime. The kitty heating pad is certified by MET Labs and the heating device can be removed so that the mat can be cleaned. Search Now!

Cat Heating Pad Indoor

Turn any kitty bed into an electric heated cat bed with these indoor heating pads for cats. Just tuck the heating pad for cats into their existing bed under their pillow.

Once turned on, the kitty heating pad will warm the bed – but only when your pet is in it. The cat heating pads come in several sizes – Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large – and they meet MET Labs safety standards. Grab one Now!

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Best Non-Electrical Pet Warming Pad

A non-electrical cat warmer is one of the top pet products for owners who want to keep their kitties warm without the concern of electrical elements. We are featuring a few of the top choices for best pet heating pad without electricity.

Snuggle Safe Microwaveable Animal Heating Pads

A top alternative to an electric cat bed, the Snuggle Safe animal warming pad is the size of a plate and can stay warm for up to 10 hours. Buy it today!

Microwaveable Cat Heater

Made with durable material so that it can be used indoors or outdoors, the kitty mat warmer gets soft when warmed and will stay warm overnight. Order it Now!

Warming Microwave Heated Pet Mats

Nice for extra warmth in a pet bed, the circular cat bed warmer comes with its own cushion and cover – so it can be used anywhere! Buy it Now!

Best Outdoor Animal Heating Pad

Outdoor cat mats with heating elements are well-suited for outdoor pets. An outdoor cat heating pad can provide just enough warmth to ward off the chill. Note: It is important, to read safety instructions before using heated cat pads for outdoors, as not all mats are waterproof and are not suited for wet weather.

Heat Mat for Cats

This heated outdoor cat mat is a clear winner for any cats that spend time outside in the cooler months. The specifically designed Outdoor Heated Cat Pad meets MET Labs safety standards. The foam electric heating pad for cats includes a fleece cover and is pressure sensitive. Search for it Now!

Extreme Weather Heating Pad for Outdoor Cat

Suitable for frigid temps, this Cat Heating Pad Outdoor model warms to a cozy 102 degrees Fahrenheit. These outdoor heating pads for cats meet MET Labs safety standards and comes with a steel-wrapped, chew-proof cord. The outdoor cat warming pad, which comes with a fleece cover, can be placed in a garage or barn – and it’s also a great choice as a heating pad for outdoor cat house. Buy it Now!

Comfy Heating Pads for Cats Outdoors

This heated cat pad outdoor bed is designed with a soft base and a bolstered edge to make sure your cat stays comfortable. These outdoor heating pads for cats have heating elements that automatically respond to your cats’ body temperature to ensure the right amount of warmth is provided. The heated cat pad comes in three sizes – and the cat bed heater passes MET Labs safety standards. Purchase it Today!

Cat Heating Pad Outdoor Shelter

While an outdoor heating pad for cats will help ward off the chill, a cat shelter is even better! What is great about this cat house is that is specifically designed – and comes with – an outdoor heated cat pad. This cat hut with heated cat mat is ideal for any kitties who spend time outdoors in the winter. Buy it Now!

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