28 Purrr-fect Christmas Gifts for Cats

25 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Cats by BestHeatedCatBed.com

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It’s hard to believe, but the holiday shopping season is here. As you pick out presents for family and friends, remember to include your favorite feline on your gift-giving list. If you are stumped for what to get your kitty this year, we can help with our list of top cat gifts! We have rounded up the best Christmas gifts for cats so you can spoil your kitten this holiday season.

What are the Best Cat Christmas Gifts?

Coming up with ideas for your cat’s Christmas presents isn’t always easy. We think the best Christmas cat gifts are ones that your cat will cherish. A Christmas present for cats can be practical and useful (like a heated cat bed) or it can be fun and festive (like themed Christmas cat accessories and outfits).

Our cat Christmas ideas cover a range of the best holiday presents for your cat!

28 Christmas Gifts for Cats

If you are wondering, What gifts should I get my cat for Christmas?, we’ve got it covered!

We have come up with a list of perfect cat Christmas presents that are certain to please! We are sure that you can find exactly what you are looking for on our list of Christmas gifts for kitties.

#1 Christmas Sweater for Cats

Topping off our list of the best cat Christmas gifts is a classic Christmas sweater. The red-and-white striped Santa sweater will make your cute kitty even more adorable. The fabric is soft and washable – and the sweater comes in several sizes. Buy it now!

#2 Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Cats

If you are looking for funny gifts for cats, look no further! This ugly Christmas sweater for cat is hilarious! Besides being funny, the acrylic sweater will keep your cat warm – and it is machine washable – which is why it ranks as one of the best Christmas presents for cats. Buy it now!

#3 Christmas Outfits for Cats

Staying on theme, perhaps the perfect present for your kitty is a fun Christmas outfit for cats. Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus or a fashionable Christmas cloak are a few of the best Christmas costumes for cats. Buy it now!

#4 Christmas Dresses for Cats

If a pretty Christmas dress for cats is more your kitten’s style, then check out this elegant dress that ranks as one of the best holiday gifts for cats. Buy it now!

#5 Hoodie with Cat Pouch

Rather than buying Christmas clothes for cats, consider buying yourself a new sweatshirt…one that is specifically designed to snuggle your kitty. It’s a top cat mom gift (and they make great gifts for your cat obsessed friend, too)!

The unique design allows your cat to cuddle up with you – and it can act as a carrier, too. To make it even better, the hood is embellished with cat ears and the hood strings feature playful pom poms. Without a doubt, it is a top cat Christmas present. Buy it now!

Looking for other great ideas for cat owners? A pet hair remover – one that actually works!) – is always a good idea! Buy it here!

#6 Christmas Collars for Cats

If a Christmas costume for cats won’t work for your feline friend, perhaps a stylish Christmas collar for cats will do! These Christmas bows for Cats feature a festive plaid material – and both the bell and bow are detachable. Buy it now!

#7 Christmas Tie for Cats

If your sweet pet is more of a tie kinda guy, gift him a holiday necktie! Featuring Christmas trees, Santa and snowmen, these Christmas ties for cats are perfect for the holidays! Buy it now!

#8 Cat Cave for Christmas

If your cat is more prone to being alone than parading around in festive holiday gear, then give them exactly what they want: Their own cave. The chic Merino wool cat cave will keep your cat warm on cold days. It’s one of the best gifts for cats that can be used year round! Buy it now!

Find more ideas on our Self-Warming Cat Beds page!

#9 Christmas Ornaments for Cats

Personalized ornaments are one of the best cat gift ideas for Christmas. Celebrate your kitten’s First Christmas with a commemorative personalized photo ornament. Both the name and year can be customized on the pawprint frame – and you add your own photo when it arrives! Buy it now!

#10 Pawprint Keepsake for Cat Lovers

This fun DIY holiday project is an excellent Christmas gift for cats (but really for you)! The kit has everything you need to capture your pet’s pawprint. The clay artwork can be set on a frame or used as an ornament on the tree. Buy it now!

#11 Christmas Toys for Cats

Some of the best Christmas accessories for cats are cat toys! Spoil your kitty with a pre-stuffed stocking that includes 10 cat’s Christmas toys – which are sure to entertain your cat long past Christmas Day. Buy it now!

#12 Catnip Candy Cane

Make it a joyful Christmas indeed with this large 8-inch catnip stuffed candy cane! In addition to the quality catnip, cats love this extra long candy cane because they can bite and back kick it at the same time – providing hours of entertainment! Buy it now!

Need more catnip cat gift ideas? Check out more silvervine catnip toys on Amazon!

#13 Indoor Thermal Heated Cat Bed

If you have a kitty that struggles to stay warm in the winter, then a thermal heated cat bed makes a fantastic Christmas gift! This electric cat bed is specially designed to only heat up when your cat is in it. Buy it now!

Find more info on our Indoor Heated Cat Bed page.

#14 Christmas Playhouse for Cats

If your cat obsessed with cardboard boxes, then let them play in a Gingerbread House this holiday season! The decorative playhouse is one of the fun Christmas gifts for cats that they can use all season long!  Buy it now!

#15 Cat Holiday Advent Calendar

Show your kitty extra love in the days leading up to the holiday with a Cat Xmas Advent Calendar.

With a 12-Day Cat Toy Advent Calendar, it is a special Christmas for cats – as they get a new toy each day. Buy it now!

The Fancy Feast Feastivities Advent Calendar is another one of the unique Christmas gifts for cats. Featuring 24 gourmet food and treat gifts for the holiday season, your cat will love Christmastime! Buy it now!

#16 Mouse Treat Dispenser

This bobble toy is a fantastic gift for cats! Fill the cat Christmas toys with treats and let your cats bat it around until the treats fall out. Hide these Christmas cat presents around the house and let your kitty go on a hunt. Buy it now!

Pair the gift with fun Christmas treats for cats! The limited-edition Holiday Party Mix Cat treats by Friskies is a fabulous way to celebrate the season with your furry friends. The crunchy treats are turkey flavored and shaped in holiday items – so they can enjoy festive snacking, just like you! Buy it now!

#17 Christmas Cookies for Cats

While baking Christmas cookies, why not whip up a batch of homemade Christmas treats for cats, too? Find a recipe that works for you – and consider buying these cute paw cookie cutters for your cat Christmas treats! Buy it now!

#18 Outdoor Heated Cat House

If you have an outdoor cat – or a cat that likes to spend time outdoors – then give them a gift of their own home! A heated outdoor cat house is the perfect cat gifts for Christmas to keep cats toasty warm in the wintertime. Buy it now!

Find more tips and styles on our Outdoor Heated Cat Bed page!

#19 Heated Food and Water Bowls for Outdoor Kitties

A great Christmas gift for outdoor cats, a heated food bowl will keep food and water from freezing when the temperatures dip too low. If you live in a cold-weather place and your cat spends time outdoors, the heated food dish is one of the best things to get your cat for Christmas. Buy it now!

#20 Cat Backpack Carrier

If you are a cat lover that has a kitten who likes to go on adventures with you, then a bubble backpack might be the perfect Christmas gift this year! Whether you are taking a trip, going for a hike or taking a walk around the block, you can bring your furball friend with you in this amazing backpack. The carrier is one of the great Christmas gifts for the cat…and for you! Buy it now!

#21 Christmas Stockings for Cats

These cute stockings make a perfect cat gift for Christmas! Made of high-quality fabric and fine embroidery, this Cat Christmas Stocking is guaranteed to last for many years as it hangs alongside the rest of the stockings. It is one of the best presents for cats who are considered part of the family! Buy it now!

#22 Christmas Stockings for Cats Personalized

If you are looking for customizable presents for cats, then these Personalized Christmas Stockings for Cats fit the bill! Designed in the shape of a fish, the stockings can be personalized with a name (in glitter!) and a picture! Buy it now!

#23 Christmas Cards for Cats

Let you cat know that you speak their language with this cute Meowy Christmas card – it’s the purrr-fect accompaniment to your cat Christmas gift. The card is blank on the inside, so you can write your own personal message. Buy it now!

#24 Cat Heating Pad

Give your cat a little warmth this Christmas with a Pet Products Thermo Pressure Sensitive Heating Pad – one of the best cat presents for Christmas! The temperature automatically rises when you kitty steps onto the mat, keeping your cat warm even when you are not at home. Buy it now!

Find more options on our Cat Heating Pad page!

#25 Automatic Laser Toy

Let your cat entertain itself with this incredible automatic laser toy. Programed with multiple patterns and with the ability to automatically turn on and off, the interactive cat laser is a magnificent Christmas gift for cats! Buy it now!

#26 Scratching Post Cat Tree

Spoil your kitty this Christmas with a luxury tower – complete with a multiple platforms and scratching posts. One of the best cat Christmas gifts and ideal for cat owner’s who have multiple pets in the house, the cat tree offers plenty of room for cats to get a grand view or find a cozy spot to relax. Buy it now!

#27 Practical Gift: Cat Litter Box

Want a to buy a Christmas gift for your cat that you will both enjoy? New litter boxes are something both you and your cat will love! This top-entry litter box is designed to give your cat privacy and remove litter from their paws before they depart. Plus, it has a sleek design and is easy to clean (definitely one of the pros when it comes to litter boxes!). A win-win for your cat’s Christmas present! Buy it now!

#28 Holiday Cat Beds

We know that cat beds make great Christmas gifts for your cat, but a Christmas cat bed is a festive present to celebrate the holiday! Christmas cat beds come in a few different styles – like a red Santa cat bed and a fun green Xmas tree cat Christmas bed. Buy it now!


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