Self-Warming Cat Beds

Not all kitties need an electrically heated cat bed – and, for those felines, there are self-warming cat beds. These cushy warm cat beds can make your kitty feel secure, safe and snug – without utilizing heating elements.

What is a Self Warming Cat Bed?

A self heating cat bed is one of the specifically designed pet products that feature materials which will help keep your cat warm – without the use of electrical elements. There are several different options for self heated cat beds at different price points.

Typically, a self warming cat mat includes a special metallic insulation layer that reflects the warmth back to your pet, making them nice and cozy. That said, there are natural materials – like Merino wool – that are used in self warming pet beds that help regulate your cat’s temperature, too. Additionally, a special window bed can utilize the natural heat of the sun.

The styles range from simple mats (like a self warming cat blanket) to cuddly beds (like a self warming cat cave) to a sun-heated cat bed (like a cat window hammock).

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Best Self Warming Cat Bed Options

On our list of Best Self Warming Cat Bed options, we include a variety of choices so that you can find the perfect one for your pets!

Self-Heated Cat Bed Cave

This Self-Warming Cat Cave Bed is designed to with an extra thick foundation and a soft and allergy-resistant fabric. The cat warming bed also has a removeable cushion for easy cleaning. These self warming cat beds allow your kitty to burrow in and get extra cozy. Buy it Now!

Cat Warming Bed with Merino Wool

Made of 100% Merino Wool, this self-heated pet ped is both safe and eco-friendly. The handmade, premium cat warming bed features a unique, modern design for a stylish look. Purchase it Today!

Cat Cave Self Warming Bed

Cleverly designed, this Cat Cave Self Heated Cat Bed will keep your kitty as snug as a bug in a rug! Made with super soft materials, the warm cat bed can be transformed into four different shapes to please even the pickiest of cats! Get it Now!

Self-Heating Pad for Cats

A simple Self-Warming Cat Pad, this insulated blanket uses your cat’s body heat to naturally increase the temperature without electricity. The plush cat blanket comes in various sizes and colors. Plus, the self warming cat pad is lightweight and easy to clean. Order it Now!

Self-Warming Cat Mat

This self-heating cat mat features an inner thermal core layer that helps to keep your cat warm and snuggly. The super soft cat mat has two different sides and the entire cat warming pad is machine washable. Search for it Now!

Self-Warming Cat Mat for Outdoors

A self-warming cat bed for outside is the perfect solution for outdoor cats. A top pick for the best self-warming cat bed for outdoor cats, this mat contains multiple layers of self warming material. Plus, it’s machine washable! Add to Cart!

Perched Window Hammock

An alternative to self heating pads for cats or a warm cat cave is the sun-catching Window Hammock. Ideal for homes that get a lot of sunshine, but offer little room for kitties to sunbathe, a suction-cup window hammock can be a fantastic self heating bed for cats! Buy it Now!

More Heated Cat Beds

Self-Warming Cat Beds are great for cats – but they might not keep your cat warm enough. A Cat Bed Heater Pad might help keep your furbaby warm. For kitties that need extra warmth, consider Indoor Heated Cat Beds or Outdoor Heated Cat House.


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